European production gardeners are our business partners.
 European production gardeners are our business partners.  


Our range of products encompasses more than 1800 varieties and species


We have over 60 varieties of grasses in our assortment. The main delivery period for Carex is from March to May. We deliver Festuca, Molinia and a several other species from May to July. Miscanthus, Panicum and Pennisetum young plants are available in June. The plants can be produced in various qualities, from young plants to CONTINI, according to your request. Divisions of Miscanthus, Molinia, Panicum and Pennisetum are deliverable in the spring.


We produce and sell high-quality liners year-round. Many perennial plants, particularly groundcovers, are grown in sets so that these are for a longer

span of time available.





One-way trays with 2.5cm to 5cm segments (depending on the propagation method and growth habits of the plants) are used in the production. The liners are suitable for further cultivation in 0.5 to 1 litre pots.



In our catalogue, you will find variety descriptions, quality specifications and delivery times for all of our perennials and grasses. And in our photogallery you find more then 1800 photos of our varieites.

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