Welcome to Zillmer Young Plants in Germany


Since 1994, our company has been known for its outstanding perennial & grass liners. We specialize in vegetative propagation and we offer a broad and deep assortment of plants that is sure to meet your needs. Our long-standing customers value our reliability, quality and the purity of our varieties.     


Our nursery is located in Northern Germany, exactly between Amsterdam and Berlin in the tri-city area of Bremen, Hannover and Bielefeld. From Uchte, our young plants are sent all over Europe. We invite you to visit our nursery and see our productive efficiency for yourself.


Thirtyfive employees and up to fourty seasonal workers help to vegetatively propagate our current rate of 9 million young plants per year. The nursery has a surface area of 14 hectares, a 6,500m² plastic foil house, a 2,500m² convertible greenhouse,  a 1800m² greenhouse with floor heating and a 800m²  greenhouse that is used both for production as well as shipping.



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